A Professional Certificate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Program Modules 2019-20

           All Modules are held on
           Saturdays and Sundays

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    Module 1: Introduction to
    Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
    Clean Needle Technique
    October 12-13, 2019

    Module 2: Meridian Theory I and II
    Point Location I and II
    Clean Needle Technique
    November 9-10, 2019

    Module 3: Auricular Acupuncture
    Needling Technique
    December 14-15, 2019

    Module 4: Therapeutic
    Instrumentation Acupuncture
    Diagnosis and Pattern Identification
    January 11-12, 2020

    Module 5: Differential Diagnosis
    Acupuncture Treatment
    February 8-9, 2020

    Module 6: Case Studies, Reviews,
    Coding and Reimbursement
    March 14-15, 2020

    Module 7: Review, Final, Written and
    Practical Examinations
    March 28, 2020

    Upon completion of the
    program,  the practitioner
    will be:

    Legally able to practice   
      Acupuncture in Connecticut   
     under the professional scope of   
     the applicants current health care

    • Competent in the principles and  
      practice in the art, science and
      philosophy of acupuncture   

    • Confident in the assessment and
      treatment of patients using  
      acupuncture and proficient in
      the use of appropriate adjunctive

    • Informed of national standards  
      and ethics of the professional
      practice of Acupuncture and
      Oriental Medicine as set by the  
      National Certification   
     Commission on Acupuncture and
     Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

    • Improve Patient Clinical  

    • Manage Complex Cases

    • Obtain 45 CEU’s from an        
      Accredited Program
            National University of
      Health Sciences (Chiropractors)

    • Enhance Clinical and Diagnostic   

    • Eligible for Board Certification  
     (NBCE) Chiropractors

    •Increase Patient Referrals

Disclaimer:  This program is
intended for Licensed Health
Care Practitioners who wish to  
practice under their professional
scope.  Please note this course
does not meet the requirements in
CT to become a LAC, Licensed  

Completing this course does not
grant you the right to designate
yourself as a Licensed
Acupuncturist, LAC.  A Licensed
Acupuncturist must complete a
Masters Program in Acupuncture
by an accredited college program
and pass the national board
examination administered by the

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Principles and Practice of  
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