Professional Certificate Program in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
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Full Certificate Course (1-4)

1. $ 3,995.00 **Best Value**One Time Payment due by 08-01-2021

2. $ 4,995.00 *Good Value* One Time Payment due by 09-01-2021

3. $ 750.00 per month for (7) Monthly Payments Total: $ 5,250.00
Must register with first payment on or before 08-01-2021

4. $ 799.00 per month for (7) Monthly Payments Total: $ 5,593.00
Registration after 08-01-2021 Must register with first payment on or
before 09-01-2021
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Payment and Refund Policy

Payment via credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover or
American Express), cash or checks are accepted. Upon
receipt of your paid tuition, an email confirmation from
Connecticut Acupuncture Certification Program will be
sent to you.

Refund Policy:
Refunds, less an administrative fee of $95.00, will be
issued for all cancellations received by October 1,
2021.  Refund requests must be submitted by US Postal
Certified Mail and must be postmarked by October 1,
2020.  No Refund will be issued should cancellation
occur after October 1, 2020.  "No shows" are subject to
the full course fee and no refunds will be issued once
the program has started.

In the event of an emergency or personal illness, credit
for the program will apply toward future programs.

Tuition and Payment Plan Options for
Acupuncture Certificate Course

**Best Value** Save with Pre-Registration and  
Payment in full by August 1,  2021
$ 3,995.00

**Good Value** Save with Registration and
Payment in full after August 1, 2021 and by
October 1, 2021
$ 4,995.00

Payment Plan 1: Seven (7) monthly payments
of $750.00 totaling $ 5,250.00

Registration and first payment due by
August 1, 2021

Payment Plan 2: Seven (7) monthly payments
of $799.00 totaling $ 5,593.00 if after
August 1, 20201
Registration and first payment due no later than
October 1, 2021
Option One
Payment Options
Disclaimer: This program is intended for Licensed Health Care
Practitioners who wish to practice under their professional
scope . Please note this course does not meet the
requirements in CT Acupuncturist.
Completing this course does not grant you the right to
designate yourself as a Licensed Acupuncturist, LAC.  A
Licensed Acupuncturist must complete a Masters Program in
Acupuncture by an accredited college program and pass the
national board examination administered by the NCCAOM.